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Podcast + Documentary = Podumentary

This exclusive website is proud to announce its namesake program, an inspirational, new podumentary series called, A Life of Giving: Conversations with Rev. Richard Klingeisen. It is a concept born from his extremely successful, first foray into online radio.  You can experience this installment directly below

What began as a charity-themed holiday program at the end of 2018 has now become a full fledged production. By utilizing the online radio format, Rev. Klingeisen will be able to provide a much more widespread, immediate means of communication with respect to issues timely and timeless alike. One common thread amongst all four of the upcoming episodes is that they will all deal with faith and its many facets -- as well as its importance in our lives.

A Life of Giving is a quarterly program which will run throughout 2019. It will be promoted through the mainstream media by virtue of its appearance on Rev. Klingeisen's official website, and right here at the official website of this exciting new show.  Stay tuned!

The Pilot Episode (2018)